About us

Cleveland Alzheimers Residential Centre came about as the result of the determination and initiative of local carers of people with dementia. They conducted a survey, which confirmed their vision of a special facility to care for people with dementia so that

  • Services were easily accessible and centralised
  • There would be a wider range of services in one location, to reduce confusion for the person with dementia and their carer
  • To enable relationships to be built up with staff
  • A body of knowledge could be gathered helping to understand the behavioural characteristics of dementia
  • There would be a safe environment where the person with dementia could move about independently
  • They would be no stigma attached to the disease
  • Thanks to a massive fundraising initiative of £1.5 million, Kirkdale was opened by Diana, Princess of Wales, on the 23rd September 1992, this became the first facility of its kind in the UK.

As demand quickly outstripped Kirkdale’s capacity, Allison House was opened in 1995 and an Outreach Day Centre at Guisborough Hospital was opened to compliment the Day Centre that was part of Kirkdale. Recently both Kirkdale and the Day Centre have ceased operations to refocus its efforts.

About Us
Mission Statement
  • To relieve, treat and promote the relief and treatment of those affected by Alzheimers disease and other related dementias.
  • To provide support both for such persons and their family and friends.
  • To promote, support and carry out research and to disseminate the results of such research for the public benefit into the cause and possible cures whether partial or complete, and the possible prevention of Alzheimers disease and other related dementias.
A word from the Chief Executive

Clevearc was founded more than 29 years ago fulfilling a need identified by local carers of people living with dementia. Having successfully provided top quality specialist care to hundreds of individuals living with dementia and their families, we hope this website will serve as a way to learn more about what we are doing, find out more information about our services, and obtain further information on how we might help support you and your family.

We provide care and support for people living with dementia and their families across all our services and into the community as well.

More and more charities are finding their resources squeezed, having to meet more complex needs with less resources so we look to more opportunities that allow us to work collaboratively with both statutory and voluntary sectors to meet those needs, ensuring that people living with dementia feel supported at every step of the way.

It is only possible to continue delivering and developing our services, responding and adapting to changing needs through the generous donations, volunteering and support from our local community and other charitable organisations.

Ms Gayle Tweed
Chief Executive
Gayle Tweed - Chief Executive