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This residential nursing service was the first of its kind in the UK. It was designed specifically to support people affected by Alzheimers and associated dementias in a positive way which best meets their needs. The building is designed in a pentagonal shape which allows people to move about freely, and safely. There are also rest areas throughout the building so a person who likes to wander can stop to have a rest whenever they like.

Each person has their own room, which can be personalised to their own tastes. There are several comfortable lounges and social areas where people can chat, meet visitors or enjoy activities. High staffing levels mean help is on hand when it is needed.

Kirkdale has two distinct areas, designed to support individuals with different needs most effectively. Rosemary aims to support those who have higher dependency levels and who require more support from staff. Lavender provides care for people who may require less support or who are more independent.

This provides a pathway for people who may find their needs increasing over time, meaning they can remain in a familiar environment, therefore minimising the potential distress of a move when greater support is required.

Kirkdale also has a large enclosed garden, which can be accessed from inside the building and which is used extensively by residents. This is a safe space to enjoy some peace and quiet, gardening or a walk in the fresh air.

People can also enjoy activities such as relaxing skin care and facials, manicures and social events as well as trips out and any other activity which they may enjoy.