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Latest Dementia Friendly Business Backs Campaign

on Tuesday, 06 May 2014. Posted in Dementia Friendly Stockton, Dementia Friendly Communities, News

Latest Dementia Friendly Business Backs Campaign

A BANK has become the latest business to join the drive for Stockton to become a more dementia-friendly community.


Lloyds Bank in Stockton-on-Tees has successfully registered with the Dementia Friendly Stockton project and have committed to training its staff to be aware of dementia and how they can best assist a person who is living with the condition.

The Dementia Friendly Stockton project is working with local businesses and other organisations to help them deliver their services in a way that is accessible to and inclusive of people living with dementia.

Thirteenlocal organisations have already signed up to become more dementia friendly. Organisations that join the Dementia Friendly Stockton project will display the ‘Working to become dementia friendly’ symbol to show their commitment.  

Chair of the Dementia Friendly Stockton project, Peter Otter explained “’It’s great that we already have so many local organisations committed to becoming more dementia friendly. Lloyds Bank are working nationally to raise awareness with their staff teams across the country about dementia and it’s great to see that national commitment also being supported locally.

“The bank has given a lot of consideration to its layout and signage and those factors combined with the enthusiasm and understanding from the staff, make it an environment which is certainly helpful for people living with dementia.  We will hopefully see many more local businesses following their example.

“We have been contacted by one carer whose mother uses Lloyds Bank in Stockton and has dementia. She was full of praise for the team there and their understanding of the condition.”

Elin Smith, Bank Manager for Lloyds Bank Stockton and Yarm branches said: “The staff have very much enjoyed the training and the changes we have made to make our environment more dementia friendly have cost little or no money at all – we would encourage all businesses and organisations to look at their environment and see what changes they can make – things like clearing some space, perhaps having seating available.

“All of our staff have had the training of what dementia is, its impact and how you can look after a customer best who may be living with dementia. It’s good to know we can make a positive difference.”


To find out which organisations have committed to becoming more dementia friendly and how your organisation can join the project please contact Peter Otter on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or visit the website at

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