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Dementia Voices Stockton

This project proposes to address the need for advocacy services that will empower people with dementia and carers and ensure their voices are heard.

The need for work to support these aims was highlighted by people with dementia and carers in Stockton-on-Tees during consultation undertaken by Clevearc and Public Health.

The need for independent advocacy services is highlighted in national policy documents including NICE's Dementia Quality Standard 30 and Clinical Guideline 42.

By providing independent advocacy, self-advocacy and peer/citizen advocacy services the project will:

>  Enable people with dementia and their carers to have their voice heard, including the voices of people with dementia from minority communities.
>  Enable people with dementia to shape both the services they use and drive up standards in services across Stockton.
>  Enable people with dementia to shape their wider community and support the delivery of a more dementia friendly Stockton.
>  Highlight the unmet needs of people with dementia in Stockton.
>  Support the delivery of outcomes desired by people with dementia including appropriate support that can help a person stay at home for longer.